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Taught by certified teachers, the St. Albert Public Schools' Preschool Program will appeal to all children in the community, including children with severe needs who will access supports and services through Program Unit Funding (PUF). Our program provides developmentally-appropriate learning experiences, activities and opportunities to help prepare your child for school. Early intervention is key in supporting young children for success throughout their lives, socially, emotionally, physically and academically.

This program is:

  • appropriate for children of all abilities, who are at least 2.8 years of age as of September 1 of the year in which they wish to enroll
  • offered three days a week (Tues.-Thurs.) for children in unfunded spots, and four days a week (Tues.-Fri.) for children who are receiving supports and services through PUF, with morning and afternoon classes available
  • taught by certified teachers with training in child development, along with teacher aides and a team of therapists (psychologist, speech, occupational, physical and music therapists, etc.)

For more information, check our Preschool website

Offered at

Joseph M. Demko
200 Jensen Lakes Boulevard
St. Albert, AB, Canada T8N 7V3

40 Woodlands Road
St. Albert, AB, Canada T8N 3X3

Leo Nickerson
10 Sycamore Avenue
St. Albert, AB, Canada T8N 0K3

Wild Rose
58 Grenfell Avenue
St. Albert, AB, Canada T8N 2Z9
St. Albert Public Schools