Division Mission & Beliefs

Our Mission

Through our commitment to excellence in public education, we strive to ensure all students become life-long learners, confident and capable of shaping their future and meeting the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Our Beliefs

In our commitment to public education, we believe that...

  • Our students' learning is central to everything we do.
  • It is the shared responsibility of the school community (students, staff, parents, community members) to encourage all students to become respectful, responsible, global citizens.
  • By setting high expectations students are challenged to achieve to their full potential.
  • Schools must be safe and caring environments where students, staff and parents feel connected, valued and respected.
  • Public education is the foundation of equal opportunity that recognizes and enhances the value and potential of all.
  • The teacher-student relationship is central to student learning.
  • Members of our school community have a shared responsibility and obligation to provide learners with an optimum learning environment.