Athletic Academy

We are excited to offer three Athletic Academy streams – a Hockey Academy a Recreation Academy and a Soccer Academy.

The Hockey Academy is open to male and female students of all skill levels. We welcome student athletes who are passionate about the game of hockey, who want to improve themselves, and have a desire to learn and commit to improvement and progression. Students must be self-motivated, have a positive attitude and a strong work ethic, be dedicated to success and have a desire to become leaders. Our philosophy is one of growth and development. The academy promotes on-ice hockey skills and life skills in our student athletes, creating good citizens who will make wise choices, and show respect, enthusiasm, confidence, cooperation and independence.

The Recreation Academy will appeal to students who want to be active and experience new and varied sports and challenges. Students will take part in a variety of indoor and outdoor athletic activities three afternoons per week, which may include everything from racquet sports to scuba diving to wilderness training and first aid.

The Soccer Academy is open to male and female students of all skill levels. With a focus on skill development, the academy will provide individual and small-group training along with a personalized development plan.