Late French Immersion

At St. Albert Public Schools, it's never too late to learn a second language. With our Late French Immersion program, students in Grade 7 can begin their exciting journey toward bilingualism and the many doors it opens.

The Late French Immersion program is designed for students who have little or no knowledge of French and is offered at Ecole Hillgrove School, which also houses the district's regular French Immersion program.

The primary goal of Late French Immersion is to graduate students who are functionally fluent in French and whose English skills are equivalent to those of their peers.

How does Late French Immersion work?

For the first few months, the students are exposed to an intensive study of French in addition to learning their various subjects. After a few months, students begin to feel comfortable speaking in French.

What are the benefits of late french immersion?

A student who successfully completes the Late Immersion program is able to communicate with ease and feel comfortable in either language by the end of Grade 12. This enables them to pursue employment, training or further education in either language. Additionally, research suggests that Late Immersion students achieve as well as other students in English Language Arts as well as the other core courses.

Hear from our students and staff firsthand about their immersion experience: