Independence, initiative, decision making, creativity, the ability to learn, relationships and feelings of self-worth - all have their beginnings in early childhood.

We believe that each child is unique and, together with parents as our partners, we build upon children's natural curiosity and spontaneity, encouraging and supporting them as they take their first step into school.

Our English, French Immersion, Cogito and Logos Christian Kindergarten programs prepare children for entry into Grade 1 and provide the foundation for success in education.

In safe and caring environments, guided by qualified and caring professionals, Kindergarten students:

  • try new things, take risks and learn to accept rules and responsibility while developing positive relationships with others;
  • build on and develop problem-solving skills and the language/reading base already begun in the home;
  • develop attitudes and behaviours that promote wellness and a healthy lifestyle;
  • become aware of similarities and differences between themselves and others, and use their senses to explore, investigate and describe their environments; and
  • express themselves through poetry, songs and drama.


Registration is open for the current school year. Registration for the upcoming school year typically opens in January after our Kindergarten Fair.

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Each year, hundreds of parents enroll their children in one of our English Kindergarten programs which promote growth and excellence.

Learn more about our English Kindergarten program and what it can offer your child through this video:

Our English Kindergarten program is designed to build students’ independence, initiative, decision-making, creativity and relationship-building skills. Through a play-based environment, students’ natural curiosity in their world is used to develop a love of life-long learning.

In a play-based Kindergarten classroom, teachers use:

  • hands-on, inquiry-based learning experiences that foster exploration and problem solving;
  • literacy and numeracy-rich experiences and environments to welcome students to the world of words and numbers; and
  • stories, poetry, songs and drama to help students express themselves.

These experiences work together to nurture students who are willing to try new things, take risks and develop positive relationships with others.

English Kindergarten programs are offered at all division elementary schools. 


Cogito is an academic alternative program. This program offers an expanded curriculum in structured classrooms to support high levels of academic achievement. Direct instruction of phonics (letter-sound relationships) is used to develop early literacy. Students wear uniforms.

You can learn more about our Cogito Kindergarten program and what it can offer your child through this video:

Our Cogito program is designed for the student who is willing to work hard to achieve a high level of academic success. Cogito may be the program for your child if you’re interested in a learning environment which is characterized through:

  • An expanded curriculum
    • precision in expressive language, grammar and presentation
    • emphasis on mastery of math facts and concepts
    • scientific knowledge precedes experimentation
    • additional study in geography and history
  • An emphasis on high standards and academic success
    • parent support for and involvement in academic work contribute to high levels of success
    • accuracy, penmanship and presentation are directly taught and expected
    • consistent homework provides extended learning opportunities
  • Use of direct instruction in structured classrooms
    • teacher-directed instruction is emphasized
    • lessons are presented in a consistent manner
    • individual responsibility and focus are expected

Cogito is offered Elmer S. Gish School.


The French Immersion Kindergarten program is an environment that reflects the richness of our Canadian heritage, children grow together to become the best that they can be.

Learn more about our French Immersion Kindergarten program and what it can offer your child through this video:

Our French Immersion program is designed for children whose parents may not speak French but want to give their children the gift of another language. In French Immersion, the primary language of instruction is French, and a significant part of the school day is conducted in French. Most subjects are taught in French (except the formal study of English). The objective of the program is full mastery of the English language, functional fluency in French, as well as an understanding and appreciation of the French culture.

Communication between the school and home is conducted in English, as are parent-teacher conferences, and report cards are written in English. The philosophy of the French Immersion program is that no child should be denied the satisfaction and pride derived from becoming bilingual in the French language, and all children are welcome.

As a division, St. Albert Public Schools is committed to offering French Immersion in a dual-track setting, which means that French Immersion and English students are in the same building. This dual-track philosophy ensures that French Immersion students and students in English programs learn from each other through school-wide activities. Beyond the acquisition of a second language, there is an aspect of cultural appreciation, respect and mutual understanding. We believe that this approach reflects our Canadian heritage and benefits all students.

French Immersion is offered at École Leo Nickerson SchoolÉcole Lois E. Hole School and École Muriel Martin School.

Logos is a Christian alternative program, where the teaching of knowledge, skills and attitudes is done within a Christian context.

Learn more about our Logos Christian Kindergarten program and what it can offer your child through this video:

Our Logos Christian Education program is designed so that teaching of knowledge, skills and attitudes prescribed in the Alberta Programs of Study are done within a Christian context. A Christian viewpoint is infused into all curricular areas. Purposeful links are made between the concepts taught and the Bible teachings on that concept.

Logos offers a Bible-based, Christian context to the Alberta curriculum. It is enriched by activities such as praying together, memorizing scripture verses, reading the Bible, celebrating Christian holidays, and participating in praise services. Logos provides students with a Christian environment where they can pursue academic excellence while serving their community.

Logos is offered at Joseph M. Demko School.

Kindergarten Information

Children must be five years of age by the last day of December in their Kindergarten year (birth certificate required at registration).

Our division offers two scheduling options for Kindergarten programs, pending sufficient registrations. Choose the one that best suits your family. 

  1. Half-day Kindergarten: morning or afternoon classes are offered at all schools, pending sufficient registration.
  2. Full-day Kindergarten: students attend school on the same schedule every day as the other elementary grades. Please note, as Alberta Education funds only the half-day program, families must pay extra for the full-day program (approximately $325 per month). Full-day programs are pending sufficient registration.

Learn more about what inclusive learning looks like in our division through this video:

Parents of children with severe disabilities/delays who require additional support beyond that offered in a regular Kindergarten program are asked to contact their neighbourhood school when registering for Kindergarten. Please ensure that you share any supports and services that your child may have had in a preschool or early learning program by providing up-to-date assessments and documentation from the teachers and/or therapists who were supporting your child. If your child has a specific diagnosis provided by a medical doctor that impacts their learning and development at school, please ensure that you share this information upon registration.

Supports and services are organized through our division office. Our Inclusive Learning Team (ILT) works in all of our Kindergarten programs. This team is composed of speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, psychologists, a physical therapist a deaf and hard of hearing consultant, an educational audiologist and a vision consultant. Therapy assistants also support Kindergarten children in the classroom setting. The ILT consults with the classroom teacher and support staff on the best ways to provide individualized programing in an inclusive Kindergarten setting through the development of developmentally-appropriate goals. Parents are also included in the development of the Individualized Programming Plan (IPP) for their child.

Qualification for these services is based on assessments and guidelines provided through Alberta Education. Please contact Rachelle Viray, our division coordinator of the Inclusive Learning Team, at 780.460.3712 with any questions.

Kindergarten is a big step! Learn more about how you can prepare your child:

We often hear questions from parents at the Kindergarten Fair about our Preschool program. Learn more about Preschool through this video, or by checking out the Preschool website

Registration is now online and opens in early January each year. To register for Kindergarten, children must be five on or before the last day of December of the year in which they wish to register. Please note that your child’s birth certificate is required to complete the registration process.

We encourage anyone interested in a particular scheduling option (i.e. mornings) or alternate program to register their child early before those options fill up. Please note that due to space considerations, some of our schools have closed boundaries and cannot accept children from outside those boundaries, and registration in some alternate programs is capped. Parents may register their children at schools which have open boundaries, but if parents choose a school that is not their designated neighbourhood school, yellow bus transportation is not provided.

Who is eligible to ride a bus?

As per Alberta Education, students residing greater than 2.4km walking distance from their designated neighbourhood school are considered eligible. Students with severe disabilities do not have a walk limit and are considered eligible.

What does “designated school” mean?

A designated school is one that the school district has directed the student to attend based on attendance boundaries set by the school division. The home address of the student determines their designated school in relation to the attendance boundary.

How much does a bus pass cost?

All students pay transportation fees, except those with special needs who cannot ride a regular bus. Fees are annually approved by the Board of Trustees. Fees can be paid in full or monthly through PowerSchool. Fees are listed here.

How and when do I apply for a bus pass?

Parents can apply for a bus pass online through the transportation portal. The deadline for bus pass applications is June 1st for the upcoming school year. Transportation Services will establish routes and schedules based on bus pass applications received on or before June 1st for the upcoming school year. Those applications received after June 1st will result in students having to access a stop already established on the bus route.

How are the bus stops determined?

Transportation service is not door to door. Instead, eligible students must access established bus stops and Kindergarten students can be expected to walk up to 400 metres to access a bus stop. Stop locations are based on applications received by the district before the deadline. Stops are designed to be equitable while accommodating students in the same geographic area. City transit stops are the preferred stop locations for student safety as they are visible and are cleared in the winter. Stops will not be changed once the school year has commenced. Ineligible students can be expected to walk further than the 400 metres. Students are expected to be at the bus stop five minutes before the listed departure time on the bus schedule.

Why can’t you come further into my sub-division?

All school boards in St. Albert are required to adhere to the City of St. Albert’s road access agreement. This agreement states that all buses must remain on arterial or collector roads only and are not permitted to access residential roads.

Is there busing for Kindergarten students at noon?

In order for a route to be added to your child’s school for noon transportation there must be a minimum number of applications for transportation received by June 1st. The minimum number of students for a school to have a noon kindergarten bus route is five.

What is my responsibility as a parent at the bus stop?

Parents are responsible for getting their child to and from the bus stop including the necessary supervision while waiting for the bus. Parents must also ensure children are at the bus stop 5 minutes before the departure time.

Will my child be released from the bus if I am not there?

Kindergarten students must be met at the bus stop by an adult or older designated sibling. Kindergarten students who are not met at the bus stop will be returned to the school.

Where do I find my child’s bus information?

Transportation Services uses a suite of transportation products called BusPlanner. Your child’s schedule is located on the transportation portal. You must log onto the BusPlanner portal to access your child’s bus schedule.

How does my child use the bus pass?

All students are issued an RFID bus pass, which students use to scan when entering and exiting the school bus. The scanner is located near the entrance door of the bus. There is no personal information stored on the card itself as the card cannot hold any data. Each card has a unique ID number which is located on the back of the card. This unique ID number is transmitted to a secure database when the student scans their bus pass and then linked to the student in the transportation software.

What happens during cold weather conditions?

Should we experience extreme winter temperatures or road conditions, school buses may be delayed or cancelled. Please have a back-up plan in place for getting your children to and from school. Notifications will be sent regarding any delays.

How will I be notified of a delayed bus?

We will notify parents via our transportation portal as soon as we become aware of any delays or cancellations.

  • Track your child's bus using the Chipmunk App.
  • Subscribe to text message notifications through the transportation portal.
  • Download the BusPlanner Delays App for iPhone and Android.

*Note: All notifications are manually updated from division office.

What is First Rider’s Night?

First Rider’s Night is an education and awareness program designed to promote school bus safety to Kindergarten students and their parents. It helps familiarize both students and parents with the school bus and also provides information on school bus safety procedures, school bus safety rules and how to get on and off the bus safely. The program, which includes a ride on a school bus, is planned as a fun learning experience and lasts approximately 45 minutes. Parents must attend along with their children. The event is held at division office before the start of the school year. Admission is free, however, pre-registration is required. Details about registration, date and time will be announced a few months before the event. 

Students usually attend their neighbourhood schools. Determine which school is in your neighbourhood.

Because of inclusive education needs or alternative program options, it is sometimes necessary to send a child to another school for program purposes. Students may be permitted to enroll in other schools if space is available. Yellow bus service, however, would not be guaranteed to children attending a school other than their designated neighbourhood school.