Teach With Us

Consider joining our exciting, vibrant division -- one in which you can work, learn and grow. With a teaching staff of more than 600, a student body of more than 9,200, and 15 schools, we provide a first-rate education to our students. Be a part of it!

Excellence in teaching and learning

Over the years, the accomplishments of staff and students have been recognized in numerous areas. Results on achievement tests and diploma exams continue to be among the best in the province and many of our teachers are honoured each year, both locally and provincially, for their excellence. As well, St. Albert parents, businesses and service communities are generous in their support of division and school initiatives. We are, in every way, a team dedicated to student achievement, growth and wellbeing. 

St. Albert Public Schools is a division committed to offering a number of programs of choice to students seeking alternative means of pursuing their education, and teachers make every effort to help students achieve a high level of success in all their endeavors. The following programs are a few of the choices available:

  • French Immersion
  • Late French Immersion
  • Logos Christian Education
  • Cogito
  • Academic Challenge
  • Advanced Placement
  • International Baccalaureate
  • Work Experience/Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP)
  • Outreach
  • Summer School
  • Inclusive Education
  • Athletic Academy

Our division's highly-trained staff enjoy a wide range of professional development opportunities at the school level, through the ATA Local as well as local, provincial, national and international offerings. In addition, a number of well-established and experienced teachers provide support for all new staff. Vertical teams, new staff orientation and in-school programs assist new teachers in making a successful transition into their roles. We also offer a joint division/ATA mentorship program for beginning teachers. The mentorship program is designed to:

  • help our beginning teachers make a smooth transition into teaching;
  • provide support for our beginning teachers as they learn about the school, the school division and the teaching profession; and
  • promote the personal and professional wellbeing of our beginning teachers. 

Co-curricular and extracurricular activities and option classes enrich our programs.  Our active physical education and sports programs are led by dynamic and enthusiastic staff - skill development, sportsmanship, leadership, camaraderie and fun are the name of the game in class, in the intramural program as well as on the competitive playing field. In addition, our high schools boast fitness centres and several elementary and junior high schools offer extremely popular climbing and bouldering walls.

Fine and performing arts play an important role in the education of St. Albert students. Art and design, drama and musical theatre, band, jazz and chorus are just a few of the areas where our staff and students excel. The Arden Theatre, which is easily accessed by all schools, provides an outstanding venue for showcasing student talent in a variety of performance styles. Field trips to The Citadel Theatre, The Winspear and various museums and art galleries are a few of the exciting enrichment activities teachers organize to augment their programs. 

Career and technology studies provide students with the opportunity to learn skills which will help them achieve a high level of success in the world of work. Well-trained teachers offer courses in such areas as automotives, communication technology, construction technology, cosmetology and food studies. Well-equipped facilities and an inviting, supportive environment translate into a positive experience for students and staff alike.

St. Albert Public Schools is dedicated to providing effective digital environments in each of our schools and to creating educational technology solutions that help teachers and students focus on what matters most - student learning. We provide teachers with digital tools and resources, along with valuable professional development opportunities, empowering them to support student learning, both in and out of the classroom. All schools are represented on a division technology committee that coordinates staff professional development in this area and offers a forum for curricular discussion and the sharing of ideas and best practices.