Academic Challenge & Enrichment

Bring out the best in your gifted child with our Academic Challenge and Enrichment (ACE) program!

Is your child intellectually gifted? Are you seeking a more challenging learning environment for them?

ACE offers in-depth explorations and extensions of the curriculum to help keep your gifted child engaged and motivated to reach further. The program offers unique learning opportunities that challenge your children and feed their curiosity and passion for knowledge and growth.

The ACE program might be right for your child if they:

  • demonstrate strong problem-solving ability, logical thinking, and creativity; 
  • easily grasp underlying principles and need minimal explanation;
  • have exceptional curiosity and constantly want to know why; and
  • are looking for leadership opportunities at school.

Program requirements include:

  • a recommendation from current school administration and teacher; and
  • a full-scale IQ score of 120 or higher on a psychoeducational assessment.

ACE is offered at Sir Alexander Mackenzie (Grades 4-6) and Hillgrove (Grades 7-9). The majority of ACE students then enter academic programs in high school – either International Baccalaureate at Bellerose, or Advanced Placement at Paul Kane.