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April 8 Eclipse

On Monday, April 8, there will be a partial solar eclipse in our area. It is expected to begin at 11:54 am, peak at 12:46 pm and finish by 1:39 pm.

To help protect our students and staff from the risks associated with viewing the eclipse, our schools will be adjusting their schedules and activities that day to keep students indoors during the time of the eclipse. To help ensure the safety of our students and our bus drivers, there will be no noon-hour busing for half-day Kindergarten students on April 8. Parents of students in half-day Kindergarten programs will need to decide whether to send their children to school that day. If parents do bring their children to Kindergarten, we recommend the following:

  • for morning Kindergarten, parents should consider picking their child up early so they are home before the eclipse starts
  • for afternoon Kindergarten, parents should consider dropping their child off later, after the eclipse ends. 

Families who rely on private childcare providers to pick up and drop off their children during this period should reach out to these providers to find out what their plans are and make appropriate arrangements.

Please advise your child's school of your plans for your half-day Kindergarten child that day. Full-day Kindergarten students will be kept indoors along with the rest of the students for the duration of the eclipse.

Click here for more information about the eclipse.

Click here for information from the Canadian Association of Optometrists.