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D-110-BR: Certificated Staffing Placements and Transfers


  • D-110
  • D-110-AR
  • Education Act: Section 212
  • B-150 Appeals
  • Certificated Staffing Procedures & Timelines


  1. The  Board of Trustees directs senior administration to develop and make known to employees the Certificated Staffing Procedures and Timelines process which enable professional staff to request a transfer and for principals to request that staff be transferred, if they believe a transfer is necessary.
  2. When staff reduction at the school level or division level is required, due to enrollment or budget pressures, Policy D-130 Professional Staff Reduction will be reviewed and followed.
  3. The Board of Trustees understands that the Education Act allows for the transfer of certificated staff when it is deemed necessary and directs the superintendent or designate to adhere to the Education Act for guidance pertaining to the process.