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G-610-AR: Advertising by External Organizations


  • C-610-AR
  • G-110

  1. Advertising in the division by external organizations must serve a useful purpose for the division; for example, providing information on local services for students and families, or generating additional revenue for division or school level initiatives and programs. 
  2. Advertising must occur only when the advertising is consistent with the division’s beliefs, mandate and mission, is in the best interests of students, and is compatible with community values.
  3. Advertisements of products or services in the division are subject to the following considerations:
    1. All advertising is approved by the site administrator.  At a school, the principal is to consider the age and best interests of students in determining if the products or services are appropriate to be advertised in a school setting;
    2. Fees for advertisements may be charged at the administrator’s discretion; and
    3. The administrator determines the quantity and location of advertisements, as well as the length of time they are in place.