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G-120-AR: Provision of Child Care Services (K-Grade 6)


  • G-120
  • G-120-BR

  1. Based on available space within division sites and the division’s desire to access such services, the provision of child care services may be obtained by:
    1. requesting proposals;
    2. in special circumstances, considering individual applications; or
    3. accommodating existing leases/licenses by making available space in other division locations when there is no longer space to maintain an existing relationship in the same location.
  2. The superintendent or designate shall evaluate requests via individual application or by tender based on the following criteria.
    1. The child care operator must qualify for licensing and carry liability insurance in the amount of $5,000,000.
    2. The child care operator must have a demonstrated philosophical and functional approach to the provision of child care services that is consistent with the division's beliefs, values, mission and commitment to high standards. This will be assessed based on the following:
      1. the operator's mission statement, goals and objectives;
      2. the range and nature of the service offered including provision of programs that address academic preparedness, social and emotional development, personal development and physical development;
      3. the qualifications of staff;
      4. the operator’s admission standards; and
      5. the operator’s experience profile.
    3. The child care operator must provide a business plan that addresses financial viability. The business plan should include the following:
      1. proposed hours of operation;
      2. projected enrolments;
      3. fee structure and projected revenues;
      4. projected costs; and
      5. lease requirements including anticipated leasehold improvements.
    4. References from clients, business and community organizations.
  3. Lease and License Agreements
    1. A lease agreement grants a user use of a portion of a division building.
    2. A license agreement limits the use of the premises to selected days or selected hours, but is of a more regular nature than a rental and, due to the legal structure of the document, provides greater protection to the division and the tenant.
    3. When any portion of a division building is used for provision of child care services, a lease or license agreement shall be entered into.
    4. The superintendent or designate shall be responsible for approving lease and license agreements in a site.