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G-120-BR: Provision of Child Care Services (K-Grade 6)


  • G-120
  • G-120-AR

  1. The Board of Trustees delegates to the Superintendent of Schools the approval of child care services to be operated within division sites on the following conditions:
  2. Child care services are supportive of the division’s beliefs, values, mission and commitment to high standards in serving students and their families.
  3. The provision of child care services does not detract from or interfere with the school’s ability to meet the educational needs of its students.
  4. Child care services are provided by licensed child care operators, selected on the basis of pre-defined expectations and criteria.
  5. Child care operators are treated fairly and equitably in the selection process.
  6. The provision of services is not a cost to the site or division, and space leased provides a financial benefit to the site or division.
  7. The board receives an annual list of child care services offered at division sites.