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G-100-BR: School Council


  • G-100, School Councils
  • G-100-BP, School Councils, Conflict Resolution
  • Education Act, Section 55
  • Alberta Education Regulation School Councils

  1. Principals shall:
    1. facilitate the formation and support of school councils in accordance with Section 55 of the Education Act and as outlined in Alberta Education Regulation School Council;
    2. support school council participation in the Committee of School Councils (COSC) meetings which connects local school councils with each other, trustees and division staff
    3. provide the school council with an opportunity to provide advice on the development of the school’s foundation statements (if any) respecting the school’s vision, principles and beliefs as well as providing advice on policies, education plans and budget;
    4. provide the school council with the school’s results on provincial assessments and an appropriate interpretation of those results.
    5. provide the school council, at the first meeting of every school year, with a copy of the Alberta Education Regulations dealing with school councils and St. Albert Public Schools board policy(G-100) and board regulations (G-100-BR).
  2. Once established, the council may specify its model of governance in accordance with Section 55 of the Education Act as well as the current Alberta Education Regulation dealing with school councils, respecting:
    1. the size of the school council as well as the number and location of meetings;
    2. the election of members of the school council and the executive as well as their term of office;
    3. the number of members that constitutes a quorum; and
    4. a conflict resolution procedure for internal school council matters.
  3. The school must retain a copy of the school council minutes for each meeting of the school council and make them available to the Board upon request. The minutes for each meeting are to be retained for at least seven years.
  4. The chair of a school council must prepare and provide to the Board by June 30 of each year a report summarizing the activities of the school council in that school year.
  5. The superintendent’s office will retain a copy of the “Alberta School Council Resource Manual” for use by principals and school council members.
  6. The Board of Trustees will establish an appeal process or conflict resolution procedure for the principal and school council (see G-100-BP, School Councils, Conflict Resolution).