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F-640-AR: Parent/Guardian Initiated Consultants


  • E-100 Student Accommodation
  • E-100.4-AR Student Accommodation – Special Education

  1. Definition - Parent/Guardian Initiated Consultant refers to any direct and/or consultative service provided by an outside third party consultant (association or organization), retained by the parent/guardian at the parent/guardian’s cost for the purpose of assessing and/or supporting the student within the school environment.
  2. The division recognizes the importance of assessing, diagnosing and addressing students’ educational needs.  The provision of educational services by the division, to division students, is guided by the Education Act and it is within this framework that the division may choose to utilize the services of consultants and/or specialists, as required, to assist in assessing, diagnosing and addressing individual student needs.
  3. In exceptional circumstances, and with pre-approval of the division, parent/guardian initiated consultants (paid for by non-division funds) may be utilized.
  4. Parent/Guardian requests for the provision of Parent/Guardian Initiated Consultants must be made to the school principal.  The principal reviews the request in consultation with the Supervisor, Student Services.
  5. Parent/Guardians must apply, in writing, on an annual basis to the principal.
  6. Written requests must include specific information regarding:
    1. purpose of the request of services/visits;
    2. the number of visits envisioned;
    3. amount of time required for assessments and/or specific services, amount of time required for the services/visits;
    4. whether written reports and recommendations will be issued and who will have access to these documents;
    5. documentation (evidence or copies) from the Parent/Guardian Initiated Consultant of the following:
      1. appropriate qualifications, training and credentials, together with confirmation of active membership in a recognized professional association (status of membership in good standing) and appropriate professional liability insurance;
      2. the written permission of the student’s parent/guardian(s) regarding the provision of the Parent/Guardian Initiated Consultant, including consent of the parent/guardian(s) and consultant for school access to copies of interim and final reports as well as other information generated by the Parent/Guardian Initiated Consultant as a result of any intervention;
      3. a current, satisfactory criminal record check; and
      4. a written undertaking not to disclose any personal information of any student(s) or staff with whom the Parent/Guardian Initiated Consultant may come into contact.
  7. The principal shall provide the parent/guardian with a written response to their request, a copy of which will be placed in the student record file.
  8. Provision of approved services shall occur as specified by the principal.  Consultants will be required, at minimum, to:
    1. schedule an initial meeting and any follow-up meetings with the principal or designate;
    2. schedule all school visitations at times which have been approved by the principal;
    3. report to the office each time he/she is present in the school;
    4. conduct classroom observations under the direct supervision of the school principal, designate or member of the Early Learning or Inclusive Learning teams; and
    5. provide direct services only if a teacher, educational assistant or another individual(s) as deemed appropriate by the principal is in attendance.
  9. A copy of all written recommendations and assessments must be provided to the school principal.
  10. All proposed meetings involving division personnel must be scheduled through prior agreement with the principal.  It is up to the discretion of the principal and/or relevant employee(s) as to whether they will attend such meetings.
  11. Any service provided by the Parent/Guardian Consultant must align with current peer-reviewed educational research pertaining to teaching and learning.
  12. The Superintendent or designate reserves the right to make a final decision regarding the use and/or implementation of recommendations made by the consultant.
  13. If the service relates to any division student with identified special needs, the school principal shall provide a copy of the request and approval letters to the Supervisor, Student Services for information purposes prior to the commencement of said services.  
  14. The school principal will provide documentation (request, proof of qualifications, membership in a professional organization and insurance) prior to the Superintendent or designate approving a Parent/Guardian Initiated Consultant.
  15. The division reserves the right to revoke the authorization of the consultant to work in the school if it is determined that:
    1. the consultant’s presence has untoward effects, either on the student being observed or on the other individuals in the classroom;
    2. the consultant’s presence is disruptive to the normal operation of the classroom and/or school;
    3. the input or recommendations have not proven beneficial to the student in the school or classroom setting; or
    4. the use of the consultant interferes with or results in an unacceptable loss of instructional time for the student.
  16. All costs for retaining the consultant and for the preparation of any and all related reports by the consultant shall be borne solely by the parent/guardian.
  17. The parent and consultant may be required to sign such forms as are deemed necessary to set out the terms and conditions under which access will be granted.