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F-630-AR: Sponsorship of Students to Out-of-Division Programs


  • Education Act, Sections 40(1), 42, 44
  • B-150

  1. The division has a responsibility to ensure that each student receives an educational program designed to facilitate learning experiences that meet individual needs.  When a student has been identified as having special needs, the first option of choice is to provide the necessary services or programming within the regular classroom or in a division inclusive education program. 
  2. When the division determines that a student’s learning needs cannot be met within the jurisdiction, sponsorship to out-of-division programs is considered.  In these circumstances, division staff, parents/guardians and, when appropriate, students will have meaningful consultation and involvement in this process.
  3. The Superintendent of Schools, or designate, is responsible for approving out-of-division sponsorship for students.
  4. Sponsorship of students to out-of-division programs is limited to educational programming not available within the division.
  5. Sponsorship of students to out-of-division programs will be based on relevant documented assessment of individual student educational needs and the approval of the superintendent, or designate.
  6. Sponsorship may include:
    1. payment of partial or full tuition costs; and/or
    2. transportation costs.
  7. Out-of-division placements will be reviewed and approved on an annual basis by the superintendent, or designate.
  8. Parents/guardians will be informed of their right to appeal placement decisions according to board Policy B-150, Appeal of Matters Affecting the Education of Students.