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F-620-AR: Emergency Medical Treatment of Students

  1. The division recognizes that on occasion students will require emergency medical treatment, and believes that it has an obligation to ensure that students receive timely and appropriate care.
  2. The school principal should review the Emergency Medical Treatment of Students with school staff annually and where necessary, ensure training is provided, in compliance with this regulation.
  3. When, in the judgment of an employee, it is necessary for a student to obtain emergency medical treatment, the principal or designate is to contact the parent or legal guardian immediately, if time permits, or as soon as possible after seeking medical assistance.
    1. Blows to the head or abdominal area may result in injury that is not readily observable; therefore, such blows should always be treated as potentially serious. Students who have received such blows should be kept under careful observation. The parent or legal guardian is to be advised of the situation and of action taken.
  4. An employee or agent of the board is to supervise the student until medical assistance is available or the parents/guardian, or person designated by either arrive.
  5. If the parent, legal guardian or person designated by either cannot be immediately contacted, the employee or agent of the board is to:
    1. arrange for the transportation of the student to a medical facility;
    2. attend or arrange for another employee’s attendance with the student at the medical facility, or
    3. remain with the student until:
      1. relieved by the parent or legal guardian, or person designated by either, or
      2. relieved by another employee, or
      3. advised by a medical practitioner that there is no further need to remain as the treatment and safety of the child have been undertaken by the medical facility or institution;
    4. upon arrival at the practitioner or facility, advise those in authority that they are not the parent or legal guardian of the student;
    5. refrain from providing any consent for medical treatment of the student;
    6. advise the principal of the situation and action taken.
  6. In the event of an emergency medical condition which renders a student immobile or unconscious, or when the seriousness of the condition cannot be determined, the student shall not be moved, unless at risk of further injury.
  7. Emergency transportation of students to hospital by ambulance or other means is to be authorized by the principal or designate. Available student medical information should be sent along with the student, when possible.
  8. First aid kits must:
    1. be readily available and strategically placed in all division buildings;
    2. accompany students/staff to sporting events and off-site activities where first aid kits are not available; and
    3. be kept up to date, be kept well stocked, and include disposable gloves.
  9. Life Threatening Medical Conditions
    1. The principal, through registration procedures and in consultation with parents or guardians, is to endeavor to identify students who are subject to medical conditions which may be life threatening.
    2. The principal is to endeavor to ensure that all who may be involved with the student, e.g. school staff, volunteers, contracted school bus drivers and substitutes, are informed concerning any required emergency procedures.
    3. Whenever possible, every employee or agent of the board providing assistance to a student in a medical emergency should wear disposable gloves when dealing with bodily fluids (i.e. blood, vomit, etc.)  

Every employee or agent of the board involved in obtaining medical services for a student must document, in writing, the details of circumstances of any incident requiring the provision of medical services, paying careful attention to time(s) and observation of the student. The report shall be submitted electronically using the accident reporting system; this ensures the event is reported to their immediate supervisor and to the secretary treasurer at division office.