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F-140: Health and Wellness of Students and Staff


  • Alberta Education Framework for Kindergarten to Grade 12 Wellness Education
  • Comprehensive School Health Approach – Alberta Health Services
  • Working Together to Support Mental Health in Alberta Schools-Alberta Education

The St. Albert Public School board of trustees believes that student and staff health and wellness contribute to student learning and academic achievement. The board is committed to supporting staff in their efforts to continue to develop working and learning environments that support a culture of wellness.  Positive and supportive social, physical and emotional learning and working environments address and respect the diversity within our student and staff population and are a key contributor to health for individuals. 

The board of trustees believes that students and staff who are physically and mentally well are better able to achieve the goals of education. The Board of Trustees is committed to student and staff wellness in the areas of physical well-being and mental health.

The board recognizes that health and wellness are individual and collective responsibilities. The board believes that a state of personal health and wellness enables students and staff to reach their full potential and to contribute in an increasingly interdependent world. The board acknowledges that only by working in partnership with students, staff, parents, community members, organizations and government can we promote and foster lifelong habits that support wellness. 

The board is committed to providing students and staff with the supports to learn about, create and maintain a culture of wellness.