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F-110-BR: Student Conduct


  • F-110
  • F-110-AR
  • F-120 Student Suspensions, Disciplinary Hearings and Expulsions
  • A-150 Discrimination and Harassment
  • Education Act, Sections 31, 36, 37, 33
  • Safe and Caring Schools Manual, Alberta Education
  • St. Albert Public Schools’ Code of Student Conduct

  1. The Board of Trustees directs the administration to define and articulate expectations for student conduct and the consequences for failure to meet those expectations and to communicate them to school administrators in the division.
  2. The Board of Trustees further directs that administration shall ensure:
    1. that the St. Albert Public Schools Code of Student Conduct is reviewed and distributed to all schools on an annual basis;
    2. that each school has developed and keeps current a School Code of Student Conduct that complies with Section 31 and Section 33 of the Education Act and with the St. Albert Public Schools’ Code of Student Conduct; and
    3. that in instances of discrimination and harassment, administration are guided by Policy A-150, Discrimination and Harassment.