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F-110: Student Conduct


  • F-110-BR
  • F-110-AR
  • F-120 Student Suspensions, Disciplinary Hearings and Expulsions
  • A-150 Discrimination and Harassment
  • Education Act, Sections 31, 36, 37, 33
  • Safe and Caring Schools Manual, Alberta Education
  • St. Albert Public Schools’ Code of Student Conduct

The Board of Trustees believes that a safe and caring school environment is paramount.  The Board is committed to ensuring the school environment is inclusive, equitable and welcoming for all members of the school community.  The Board expects that student diversity be respected, accepted and supported in every school.  

The Board also believes that all members of the school community share in developing and fostering appropriate student conduct, and in the maintenance of order and discipline necessary for quality learning environments.

The Board expects students to exhibit socially responsible and respectful behaviours so that teaching and learning are maximized.  Accordingly, students shall conduct themselves in a manner that demonstrates respect for the dignity of others and which reasonably complies with the code of conduct as specified in the School Act, the St. Albert Public Schools’ Code of Student Conduct and the school’s code of student conduct.