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E-110: Learning Resources


  • Education Act, Section 16
  • Guide to Education: ECS to Grade 12
  • E-110-AR

The Board of Trustees believes it is essential for all students to have access to high quality learning resources. These learning resources may include such resource formats as print, digital, audio, video, computer software or manipulatives. The board also believes that the unique circumstances of the school and the learning needs of its students must be considered in order to achieve equitable access.

The Board of Trustees believes that student learning will be enhanced through access to a wide range of learning resources selected by staff in accordance with defined criteria.  Providing responsive programming that includes the use of resources to reflect diverse cultural perspectives.

The Board of Trustees believes that resources should reflect diverse cultural perspectives while being consistent with community values and standards.  The Board recognizes the right of parents/guardians, students, staff, and members of the community to challenge the educational use of specific learning resources through a process of appeal.

The Board of Trustees believes in an integrated library learning commons in which the services and activities are an essential and dynamic part of the school’s instructional program.  Integrated library learning commons are inclusive, flexible, learner-centred, physical and/or virtual spaces for collaboration, inquiry and imagination to expand and deepen learning for students and staff.  

The Board of Trustees recognizes that an integrated library learning commons widens, deepens and personalizes learning by involving students in the planned and purposeful use of resources.  

The Board of Trustees expects that library learning commons resources will help students expand their abilities to find, generate, evaluate and apply information which will, in turn, prepare students to function effectively as individuals and as full participants in society.  In a library learning commons there should be seamless, equitable access to a wide variety of quality digital and print resources for student and staff research and enjoyment.