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E-100.3-AR: Programming for Students - Outreach Programs


  • E-100
  • Education Act: 3, 11(1)
  • Outreach Programs Handbook

  1. The division has a responsibility to provide an alternative to traditional school programs for those students, who for a variety of reasons, find that traditional school programs and services do not meet their needs. The division supports Outreach school as a flexible program delivery model.
  2. The division Outreach School’s programming is consistent with the Outreach Programs Handbook (2009).
  3. The division Outreach School’s programming is primarily available to high school students and typically serves students aged 14 to 19.
  4. Students who are enrolling in their fourth and fifth year of high school are generally directed to enroll at Outreach.
  5. Whenever a student enrolls in Outreach School  as well as another St. Albert Public School, the administrators of the schools involved will ensure the appropriate personnel coordinate the programming.
    1. Students enrolling in the Outreach school will be asked if they are enrolled in another school as well.