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E-100.1-AR: Programming for Students - Second Languages


  • E-100
  • Education Act: 17

  1. Programs in languages other than English fosters personal growth and enrichment, as well as an understanding and appreciation of those languages and cultures. The ability to communicate in an additional language enhances career possibilities, contributes to the bilingual and multicultural dimensions of our country and assists students to become citizens of the world.  The provision of French Immersion and French as a Second Language programming as well as other additional language programs, where numbers warrant, is authorized. 

French Immersion (F.I.) Program

  1. The division supports a dual language school setting, providing opportunities for integration between students in English and French Immersion programs and promoting an understanding and appreciation of the French language and culture.
  2. Schools offering French Immersion shall provide Alberta Education’s recommended instructional time allocations in French.
  3. The support for students enrolled in a French Immersion program will be at a level consistent with that normally provided for students in the English program.

French as a Second Language (FSL) Program

  1. The division supports the provision of a nine year FSL Program sequence (Grades 4 -12) and a three year FSL Program sequence (Grades 10-12). 
  2. Schools offering an FSL program will plan using the Guide to Education’s recommended instructional time. 

Additional Language Courses/Programs

  1. The choice of language(s) courses offered at any one school is dependent on community interest, the proficiency of staff and the availability of resources.
  2. The implementation of additional language immersion programs, other than French Immersion, requires board approval.