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D-100-BR: Certificated Staff Growth, Supervision and Evaluation


  • D-100-BR; D-100-AR
  • Education Act: sections 18,196,197,215,222
  • A-150 Discrimination and Harassment
  • B-150, Appeal of Matters Affecting the Education of Students
  • Teacher Growth, Supervision and Evaluation policy
  • An Integrated Framework to Enhance the Quality of Teaching in Alberta, A Policy Position Paper, Alberta Education 1996
  • Teaching Quality Standard
  • Leadership Quality Standard
  • Superintendent Leadership Quality Standard
  • Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act


The Board of Trustees believes that all certificated staff have a professional responsibility to be involved in a continuous professional learning process designed to foster effectiveness of instruction and enhance student learning.

The board expects the Certificated Growth, Supervision and Evaluation Policy to:

  • affirm the dignity, worth and contribution of all participants;
  • build on staff strengths;
  • ensure evaluators provide clear goals, expectations, and criteria for performance;
  • acknowledge effective teaching performance;
  • ensure staff members have the opportunity to show responsibility and accountability for their performance; and
  • assist staff in the process of self evaluation and improved practice.

The board supports evaluator skill development in assessment and communication of the knowledge, skills, and attributes that constitute effective job performance.