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D-660-AR: Substitute Teachers


  • Board Regulations: B-150-BR

  1. The human resources department will screen all applicants for substitute teaching positions prior to their employment in the division.  Criteria for selecting substitute teachers for the division roster are:
    1. valid Alberta teaching certificate or Letter of Authority;
    2. Teacher Qualification Statement (TQS);
    3. submission of an application form and resume;
    4. successful teaching/student teaching experience as evidenced by a current reference check and/or evaluation;
    5. submission of a current criminal record check; and
    6. program needs.
    7. Criminal record checks are not only required prior to beginning employment with the division, but may also be required at any time upon the request of the Human resources department.  In some cases, a Vulnerable Sector Check may be requested.
  2. The human resources department shall develop and maintain a roster of approved substitute teachers, which will be reviewed and updated annually.
  3. The human resources department shall maintain a centralized on-line substitute placement service. 
  4. When substitute teachers are deployed, they are responsible to the principal of the school in which their assignment is located.
  5. When a principal or designate has concerns about a substitute teacher’s performance, the principal will inform the substitute of his/her concerns.
  6. When a principal or designate believes the performance of a substitute teacher has been unsatisfactory and the principal or designate would like to recommend to the  Superintendent or designate that the substitute teacher not be assigned to their school, the principal must: 
    1. first meet with the substitute teacher to inform him/her of this decision;
    2. provide an opportunity for the substitute teacher to explain their situation; and
    3. consult with the superintendent or designate, prior to requesting the removal of the sub from their school roster.
  7. The department of human resources is responsible for the removal of teachers from the division's substitute teacher roster and shall provide a statement to the substitute so affected, with reasons for the removal.
  8. Substitute teachers who have been removed from the school and/or division substitute roster may access board regulations B-150-BR, Appeals.