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D-650-AR: Alternative Part-Time Teaching Agreements

  1. Alternative employment structures can enhance employee career satisfaction.  It may be beneficial to provide a teacher a time specific opportunity to explore part-time teaching prior to making a final decision to move to a part-time teaching contract.
  2. To the extent that alternative part-time contracts do not negatively affect student learning or adversely affect the operation of the school or division, the board may provide a one year part-time teaching assignments to teachers with full-time continuous contracts upon request.
  3. Teachers on a full-time continuous contract may work on a part-time assignment for one year while retaining their full-time continuous contracts, by agreeing to and signing an alternate part-time agreement provided by Human Resources.
  4. Teachers and their principal must mutually agree to the amount of the part-time assignment by May 30 of the previous year.  An extension of the May 30th deadline can be made if mutually agreed to by the teacher and the principal.
  5. Continuation of the alternate part-time agreement beyond the one year term may occur subject to supervisor and teacher approval, up to a maximum of five years.
  6. Upon the decision not to extend the alternate part-time agreement, or upon reaching the five-year career maximum, the teacher will return to full-time teaching or choose to move to a part-time continuous contract.
  7. Teachers accessing this policy are not exempt from the Staff Reduction policy.
  8. Salary, pension and increments/seniority will be pro-rated according to the amount of part-time assignment.
  9. This policy does not apply to staff holding a part-time contract of employment with the division.
  10. The principal of the school and the employee will be required to sign the alternate part-time teaching agreement, guaranteeing the minimum full-time equivalent assignment (FTE) by May 30.  The FTE can be increased by the principal, without recourse by the teacher at the start of the school year or the second semester.
  11. The division can terminate the alternate part-time teaching agreement by providing thirty (30) days notice.  The teacher would then revert to his/her full-time status.