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D-630-AR: Staff Expenses

  1. 1. Staff expenses are reimbursable provided that:
    1.1. the request for reimbursement is submitted by a division employee;
    1.2. the employee obtained prior approval from their supervisors for expenses;
    1.3. the expenses were incurred in carrying out their duties with the division;
    1.4. the expense was not incurred with an approved vendor that could be paid through accounts payable; and
    1.5. the employee does not have a division purchasing card that could have been used to pay the expense.

  2. Expense claims are to be submitted at least quarterly. For example, expenses incurred between September 1 and November 30 are to be submitted at the end of November.

  3. Expense claims incurred for the school fiscal year ending August 31 must be submitted by September 5 of the following year.

  4. Staff must read the “How to Complete the Expense Claim Form” document prior to submitting their initial form each year. As noted in that document expense claim forms must be completed with supporting documentation.

  5. Staff expense reimbursement forms must be:
    5.1. completed by the employee requesting reimbursement;
    5.2. supported with the appropriate documentation;
    5.3. reviewed by the designated person, typically the administrative assistant at each site; and
    5.4. signed by the authorizer, typically the principal after it has been reviewed.

  6. The collection of personal reward points for the division incurred expenses is prohibited.

  7. For event expenses in the future (e.g. professional development expenses) purchasing cards should be used.

  8. Requests for reimbursement for mileage:
    8.1. division staff must have the prior approval of their supervisor for the use of the vehicles when they represent the division away from their normal worksite;
    8.2. where there is a less expensive alternative and the staff person incurs mileage, the lesser of the two amounts will be reimbursed;
    8.3. the distance is calculated from the division staff’s normal place of business;
    8.4. support staff who have assignments at more than one worksite will be reimbursed for their travel expenses between those worksites;
    8.5. in exceptional circumstances the superintendent or designate may consider reimbursement to division staff for the use of their vehicles when they are required to return to the worksite after operating hours;
    8.6. vehicle use will be reimbursed at the rate of 68 cents per kilometer for the first 5,000 kilometers and 62 cents for each additional kilometer.