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D-150-BR: Support Staff Growth, Supervision and Evaluation


  • D-150
  • D-150-AR
  • Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
  • Support Staff Code of Conduct

  1. The Board of Trustees believes that all support staff have a responsibility to be involved in a continuous staff development process designed to improve skills, knowledge and attributes pertaining to their work assignment.
  2. The Board of Trustees expects that the Support Staff Growth, Supervision and Evaluation Program will be based on the following beliefs:
    1. The Support Staff Growth, Supervision and Evaluation is a continuous process which has as its primary purpose the improvement of overall school effectiveness for students and staff;
    2. Effective performance will be acknowledged;
    3. The competency of support staff is assumed after the probationary period is successfully completed;
    4. Support staff are responsible and accountable for their performance;
    5. In an effort to promote self-improvement, support staff are responsible for developing and implementing an Annual Growth Plan and the principal, site administrator, or designate is responsible to meet with the support staff member to review the Annual Growth Plan;
    6. Staff appraisal is dependent upon effective, two-way communication;
    7. The communication of clear expectations and criteria for performance by evaluators is essential to effective staff appraisal;
    8. The evaluation instruments may reflect differences between classifications (e.g. clerical vs. teacher aide), but not levels;
    9. The division is accountable to the public for ensuring that concerns regarding staff members are investigated/evaluated by administration. Follow-up action will be taken if the administration shares the concern;
    10. The improvement of support staff is a shared responsibility. Where necessary, the administrator and support staff member will work together in developing a remediation plan to support improved performance;
    11. The Support Staff Growth, Supervision and Evaluation Program will comply with the natural laws of justice and statutes; and
    12. Support staff are expected to meet the division’s Support Staff Code of Conduct (Appendix I).