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D-130-BR: Professional Staff Reduction


  • D-130
  • D-130-AR

  1. Reductions in the number of professional staff may be necessary when the division’s ability to provide education services has been, or may be, affected by:
    1. Student enrolment (current or projected);
    2. Financial support for education;
    3. New and/or revised curricula;
    4. Changes in the functions of existing physical facilities;
    5. Educational priorities;
    6. Instructional programs or organization structures; and
    7. Other factors considered relevant by the Board of Trustees.
  2. The board will attempt to effect staff reduction through normal attrition.
  3. If normal attrition is not sufficient to accommodate the required staff reductions, the teacher(s) or administrator(s) to be released from employment will be determined by any or all of the following criteria.  Note:  These criteria may not necessarily be considered in the order presented nor in isolation from each other.
    1. The staffing requirements of all schools in the division in relation to educational priorities;
    2. The staffing requirements of all schools in the division in relation to program needs; and
    3. Seniority based on years of service in the division.  To determine the years of seniority, the following principles will apply:
      1. The date when the continuous contract was signed will be used to determine years of service with the board.  Maternity leaves, sick leaves and educational leaves will be included as years of service. Leaves for personal reasons, for a duration of 30 days or longer, will not be counted for years of service; and
      2. Employees who are on part-time contracts will be treated in the same manner as employees who are on full-time contracts.  Full-time equivalent years of service will not be used to determine years of service.
    4. Related academic training.
  4. Where reductions in professional staff are required, the board may consider individual schools or the entire system, as circumstances warrant.
  5. The board delegates to the superintendent, or designate, responsibility for applying these criteria, and for recommending to the board those contracts of employment that should be terminated.
  6. While consideration shall be given to reassigning staff to other division positions, there is no obligation on the board to do so.