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D-110-BR Appendix 1: Certificated Staffing Procedures & Timelines

Guiding Principles

1. The staffing process will be facilitated in a manner that helps to place all staff on continuous contracts first.

2. Staff strengths are considered so that placements result in the “best fit” between staff and student/school needs.

3. Staff will be given an opportunity early in the process to request a transfer. Where appropriate, staff will be transferred to requested schools. The school principal will be responsible for their specific assignment.

3.1 Staff initiated transfers are typically carried out according to the timeline outlined in The Staffing Process (attached). Transfers during the year are not a part of the process and occur only in exceptional circumstances.

4. School administrators will be given an opportunity to recommend a staff member for a transfer (admin. initiated transfer), after having personally stated their intent to the individual.

5. Central office administrators will, where necessary, initiate the transfer of staff (central office initiated transfer).

6. Schools will staff to their budgeted enrolment. Any variance from that must be approved by the superintendent or designate.

7. After placing all teachers on continuous contracts, including those returning from leaves of absence, teachers on probationary contracts will be considered for placement.

7.1 When it is clear that there is a shortage of continuous contract teachers in a specialty area or program (e.g. Physics 30; French Immersion), teachers on probationary contracts, or external candidates, may be considered for positions prior to all continuous contract teachers being placed. This may occur at any time in the staffing process.

8. All principals will be aware of the training and experience of all staff on probationary and temporary contracts who are available for positions in the next school year.

9. If normal attrition is not sufficient to accommodate any required staff reduction, Board Policy D-130, Professional Staff Reduction will be implemented.

The Staffing Process

1. Staff Initiated Requests

1.1. Staff placement forms (survey) are sent to all staff via email in February, requesting information on their intentions and requests for the next school year. Staff on leave will be mailed their forms. The requests for staff initiated transfers will be gathered through this process. When the surveys are completed, human resources compiles and distributes the information to principals for use in the staff placement process. This is a confidential document and the information will not be shared with staff or the public.

1.2. The human resources department will compile a list of teachers on temporary and probationary contracts, identifying their training and experience. This list will be distributed to principals.

2. Confirmation of Teacher Requests/Intentions with School Administrators

2.1. In April, the superintendent or designate meets with school principals to confirm and share teacher requests, anticipated openings, and teachers returning from leaves, as well as the available staff on temporary and probationary contracts.

2.2. The superintendent or designate and school-based administrators will consider staff initiated requests for transfer at this time.

3. Staff Initiated Transfers (continuous contracts)

Certificated staff transfers will be considered in the following stages:

Placement Transfer Stage (late-April to mid-May)
Teachers returning from leave will be placed before transfers are considered. Transfer requests will be considered based on either openings, or matching with other staff initiated transfer requests, or administrator initiated transfers. Prior to a staff initiated transfer being made, the staff member will be contacted. Transfers are to a school not a position. Teachers who have indicated that they want a transfer to another school will be considered in this placement transfer stage. (Transfers under this provision are not appealable)

Placement Stage (mid-May-end of May)
When positions are open and posted, all continuous teachers may apply and, if they meet the desired criteria and have the necessary qualifications for the posting will be considered for the position.

Competition Stage (June 1-15)
Teachers under contract (continuous, probationary, temporary) may apply and will be selected if they are considered the best candidates. They would then be transferred or placed. Positions may be posted on Division Office Online.

4. Administrator Initiated Transfers

4.1. Principals will submit (by April 15th) the names of any staff they wish to recommend for an “administrator initiated transfer”, but only after they have personally informed the staff member of their intention to do so.

4.2. The superintendent of schools or designate will consider the recommendations and, should a transfer result, the employee will be informed of their right to appeal to the Board of Trustees, as per Section 212 of the Education Act.

5. Central Office Initiated Transfers

5.1. The superintendent of schools or designate, as per Administration Regulation D-110-AR and the Education Act, Section 212, may transfer teachers. Transfers would be based on student, program and division needs.

5.2. As per Section 212 of the Education Act, any transfer may be appealed to the board.

6. Professional Staff Reduction

6.1. When a school is required to reduce staff, the principal and superintendent or designate will:

6.1.1. identify available open positions in other schools;

6.1.2. determine if there are any volunteers to take a leave of absence, transfer from the affected school or work parttime; and

6.1.3. consider the following in identifying a teacher to be  reassigned to another division position: division educational priorities; program needs; relevant training and experience; and seniority.

6.2. When the division is required to reduce staff, the Policy D-130, Professional Staff Reduction, will be followed.

7. Administrators’ Meeting #1 (first week of May)

The superintendent or designate will meet with school principals, collectively, to:

7.1 review teachers returning from leaves and transfer requests;

7.2 share enrolment projections;

7.3 review probationary positions;

7.4 identify open positions;

7.5 identify positions (specialty areas such as French Immersion, Math) open to probationary teachers or external applicants;

7.6 approve transfer requests, where possible; and

7.7 place teachers returning from leave where openings exist.

8. Administrators’ Meeting #2 (mid-May)

The superintendent or designate will meet with school principals, collectively, to:

8.1. update projected enrolments;

8.2. update open positions, finalizing the transfer placement stage;

8.3. finalize placing teachers returning from leave, where openings exist; and

8.4. identify positions (specialty areas) open to probationary teachers or external applicants.

9. Administrators’ Meeting #3 (after resignation deadline of May 31)

The superintendent or designate will meet with school principals, collectively, to:

9.1. finalize openings via resignations;

9.2. finalize placement of any teachers on continuous contract who had not previously been placed;

9.3. place teachers who have been on part-time probationary contracts for two (2) years.

10. Fill Open Positions (June 1st – 15th)

Fill positions with the best available candidate for the position. The following may be considered:

10.1. continuous contract teachers;

10.2. probationary/temporary contract teachers; and

10.3. external applicants.

11. Special Circumstances

11.1 In certain circumstances teachers who are at the end of their career  may be considered by division administrators for a special contractual arrangement whereby they continue to be employed, on a part-time basis for one year, after resigning from their full-time contracts.

11.2 Only in these special situations, that are approved by the superintendent or designate, will the temporary parttime positions not be considered as open positions and, as such, will not be posted/advertised.

11.3 The deadline for teachers who would like to be considered for a special temporary contractual arrangement whereby they continue to be employed, on a part-time basis, after resigning from their full-time contract is March 1st. The employee must make a request, in writing to the superintendent or designate, on or before March 1st of the current school year.

11.4 In deciding whether such special contractual arrangements will be offered for the next school year, the following factors will be taken into consideration by division administration:

11.4.1 program needs;

11.4.2 division staffing needs; and

11.4.3 the division’s ability to cover the related additional costs (i.e. benefits).

11.5 Should division administration decide to proceed, special contractual positions will be offered for the school year and, as was the case in the past, the positions will- not be considered as open positions and will not be posted/advertised.

12. Personal Leaves

As per Administration Regulation D-640, the Board of Trustees authorizes the Superintendent of Schools, or designate, to grant extended leaves for the purposes of personal and professional growth and development, secondment and exchange programs.

12.1 Extended leaves are for a period of one year; however, at the discretion of the superintendent or designate and at the request of the staff member, such leaves may be extended to a maximum of two years.

12.2 An extended leave will:

12.2.1. have no detrimental effect on the provision of programs and services to students;

12.2.2 be at no cost to the division; and

12.2.3 be considered only if an employee has permanent status and has been employed with the division for at least three years.

12.3 Teachers returning from extended leaves are not guaranteed a return to their previous assignment or school.

12.4 Employees requesting an extended leave for the upcoming school year must make a request in writing to the superintendent or designate on or before March 31st of the current school year.

12.5 Employees currently on leave shall notify the superintendent or designate in writing of their intent to return from an extended leave or to request a further extended leave for the upcoming year on or before March 31st of the current school year.

If you have any questions, please contact the Associate Superintendent Human Resources at (780) 460-3712 or by email.