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D-100: Certificated Staff Growth, Supervision and Evaluation


  • D-100-BR; D-100-AR
  • Education Act: sections 18,196,197,215,222
  • A-150 Discrimination and Harassment
  • B-150, Appeal of Matters Affecting the Education of Students
  • Teacher Growth, Supervision and Evaluation policy
  • An Integrated Framework to Enhance the Quality of Teaching in Alberta, A Policy Position Paper, Alberta Education 1996
  • Teaching Quality Standard
  • Leadership Quality Standard
  • Superintendent Leadership Quality Standard
  • Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

The Board of Trustees is committed to high quality public education. Knowledgeable, skilled, and dedicated certificated staff are essential to enabling students to meet or exceed curricular learner outcomes and to successfully navigate the challenges of the future.  To this end, the board supports a collaborative approach to staff development through continuous growth, supervision, and evaluation.

The board recognizes that evaluation of staff is necessary for the purpose of making decisions regarding employment, designation, and/or certification.  The board also believes that evaluation of staff provides a mechanism for assessing knowledge, skills, and attributes in specific areas of practice.

The board is accountable to the public for the quality of teaching and success of division students.