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C-640-AR: Purchasing


  • New West Partnership Agreement Regulations
  • Education Act, Section 229

Division staff are to ensure that no advantage or disadvantage is created for a supplier or potential supplier. More specifically:

  1. Gifts, entertainment, trips or other personal services (excepting meals or relatively inexpensive items of an advertising nature such as pens or appointment books) are not to be accepted or solicited by division staff.
  2. Any conflict of interest involving a direct or indirect relationship with a supplier, whether financial or familial, is to be disclosed by division staff to the secretary treasurer for advice on whether or not board approval is required, before any related division purchase of goods or services is to proceed.
  3. Division staff should not purchase goods or services for personal use, or benefit through or in the name of the board or the division, without prior disclosure to the secretary treasurer who will determine whether or not board approval is required.