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C-130: Student Transportation


  • C-130-BR
  • C-130-AR
  • B-180, Student Accommodation
  • C-110, District Owned Vehicles
  • F-130, Student Fees
  • Education Act, Sections 7, 59, 59.1
  • Alberta Regulation 96/2019
  • Traffic Safety Act
  • St. Albert Public Schools Student Transportation Manual

The Board of Trustees is committed to providing access to transportation for students who are entitled to transportation under the Education Act and to those students who are eligible under the criteria established by the division.

The Board of Trustees believes that the transportation of students to and from school- sponsored activities should be by commercial carriers, but recognizes that special circumstances may warrant the use of private vehicles.

The Board of Trustees believes that, to the extent possible, student transportation should be self-sustaining and as required through a cost recovery model.