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C-110-BR: Division Owned Vehicles


  • C-110
  • C-110-AR
  • Alberta Traffic Safety Act
  • National Safety Code for Motor Carriers
  • St. Albert Public Schools Safety and Maintenance Program

  1. All vehicles, whether purchased by division services or individual schools, will be the sole property of St. Albert School Division.
  2. All St. Albert Public Schools’ vehicles will be registered and licensed under the corporate name.
  3. The use or rental of division owned vehicles for personal or non-division related business is strictly prohibited.
  4. The use of division owned vehicles is subject to the following:
    1. drivers must possess a valid driver’s license and possess the proper class of license for the type of vehicle they are operating;
    2. only authorized persons and goods are to be transported;
    3. division owned vehicles will be driven in a courteous, safe and lawful manner; and
    4. alcoholic beverages may not be transported in any form or at any time.
  5. The manager, facilities services, may allow supervisors and on-call personnel to take maintenance vehicles home at night and/or on weekends to allow employees to respond to emergency facility calls.
  6. The manager, facilities services, and/or designate, may drive a division vehicle home, after hours to facilitate timely response to emergent facility situations.
  7. All incidents or complaints related to the operation of division owned vehicles will be referred directly to the superintendent, or designate, for investigation.
  8. All parking tickets or traffic violations incurred by an employee operating a division vehicle will be the sole responsibility of the employee. The board directs administration to develop a process for collection of fines incurred by employees, while operating division vehicles.
  9. The use of 15 passenger vans for transportation of students is strictly prohibited.
  10. The use of hand-held cellular phones while driving, as defined in the St. Albert Public Schools Safety and Maintenance Program, is prohibited.  Should a driver require the use of a hand-held cellular phone, they must move to a safe location before answering the phone or making a phone call.  Only a driver who is not transporting students may use a hands-free cellular phone while driving.