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C-110-AR: Division Owned Vehicles


  • C-110
  • C-110-BR
  • Alberta Traffic Safety Act
  • National Safety Code for Motor Carriers
  • St. Albert Public Schools Safety and Maintenance Program

  1. Purchasing vehicles
    1. The associate superintendent of finance or designate shall be consulted and has the responsibility to approve the purchase of all vehicles by division services and schools.
    2. The associate superintendent of finance or designate shall ensure that:
      1. a licensed mechanic has inspected and approved/certified all used vehicles prior to purchase.  If registered for the first time in Alberta, an out of province vehicle inspection is required.  A copy of the inspection document(s) shall be submitted to financial services;
      2. all vehicles are registered in the name of St. Albert School Division.  To register a vehicle and issue license plates, the Motor Vehicles Branch requires a completed Application for Vehicle Registration form and proof of insurance coverage.  Proof of insurance (or pink card) can be obtained from financial services.  A copy of the registration must be submitted to financial services after the vehicle is registered; and
      3. all costs associated with the vehicle including such things as the original purchase price, licensing, maintenance, repair, insurance, and operation of any vehicle, shall be the sole responsibility of the school or division services department purchasing the vehicle.
    3. The associate superintendent of finance or designate shall ensure all vehicles are properly and adequately insured and listed on the board’s insurance policy.
  2. Additional measures for purchasing buses
    1. According to the Alberta Traffic Safety Act, vehicles seating more than eleven -persons (including the driver) are considered to be "buses" and additional measures/procedures are required.  Additionally, 
    2. when buses are purchased, the associate superintendent of finance or designate shall ensure that:
      1. prior to purchase, an inspection of the bus was conducted by a licensed mechanic authorized by the Safety Branch of Alberta Transportation to ensure it meets the requirements specified in the regulations for the operation of school buses under the Traffic Safety Act.  A copy of the School Bus Inspection form and the mechanic's report indicating that an inspection has been carried out and that the necessary repairs and replacements have been completed shall be submitted to the manager, transportation services;
      2. the vehicle registration, School Bus Inspection form and mechanics report must be presented to the Motor Vehicles Branch in order to procure the proper license. Copies shall be submitted to manager, transportation services.
  3. Operation of vehicles and buses
    1. Only properly licensed individuals who have been approved by the division may operate division owned vehicles.  The division form “Division Owned Vehicles - Driver Authorization Form” must be completed annually for each driver and submitted to financial services.  A driver’s license abstract may be requested by financial services.
    2. All drivers must possess, at a minimum, a valid "class 4" license to be permitted to drive buses owned by the division.
    3. Division owned vehicles shall not be loaned or rented to outside agencies or individuals.
  4. Every bus driver shall keep a pre-trip and post-trip inspection as well as log records of any driving activities in accordance with the guidelines and regulations of the National Safety Code for Motor Carriers and St. Albert Public Schools Safety and Maintenance Program.  All inspection reports and logbooks are to be submitted to the school office at the completion of each trip.
  5. A driver of any division owned vehicle is obligated to notify his/her supervisor and the Associate superintendent of finance immediately, in writing if,
    1. his/her license has been suspended or withdrawn; or
    2. demerits on his/her operator’s license equals six (6) or greater.
  6. In the event a division owned vehicle is involved in an accident, the immediate welfare of the passengers shall be paramount.  Once the immediate needs of the passengers have been met, contact should be made with the police and ambulance service, if necessary.  Subsequently, the employee will notify his/her supervisor or principal.  To the extent students are involved, parents are to be notified of transportation arrangements as soon as it is practically possible.  Drivers involved in accidents will be required, after reporting the accident to their supervisor, to submit a written statement describing the accident and pertinent circumstances to the associate superintendent of finance.  The associate superintendent of finance will contact the division’s insurance provider, as necessary.