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C-100-BR: School Closures


  • Education Act, Section 62
  • Alberta Education Regulations 80/2019, Closure of Schools
  • C-100, School Closure
  • C-100-AR, School Closure

The procedures outlined by Alberta Education Regulations, Closure of Schools, are the main guide for the school closure process.  Further to the Alberta Education procedures, the following two expectations are defined:

  1. Criteria
    1. The board considers the possibility of school closure with reference to these criteria:
      1. the total enrolment as of September 30 in the current year and the long range projected enrolment for the school is less than 40% of the net capacity as determined by Alberta Infrastructure; and
      2. the cost of keeping the school facility in operable condition or in restoring it to operable condition is deemed by the board to be unreasonably high.
  2. Timelines
    1. The board will render a decision on a proposed school closure in compliance with Alberta Education Regulations.