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B-150-BP Appendix 1: Appeals


St. Albert Public Schools
Special Meeting of the Board of Trustees
Appeal Hearing

 A G E N D A

  1. Call to Order
  2. Agenda Consideration and Approval
  3. Motion to Go in to Closed Session
  4. Outline of Procedure – Board Chair
  5. Introductions by Superintendent
  6. Applicant’s and/or Representative Presentation
  7. Trustee Questions of Applicant and/or Representative
  8. Presentation on Behalf of Respondent and/or Representative
  9. Trustee Questions of Respondent and/or Representative
  10. Recess if Desired
  11. Applicant’s and/or Representative Rebuttal
  12. Respondent and/or Representative Rebuttal
  13. Opportunity for Questions by Trustees
  14. Deliberations by the Board in Closed Session
  15. Call all Parties back to Meeting
  16. Motion to Go out of Closed Session
  17. Board Decision by Motion and Vote
  18. Adjournment