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B-120: Delegation of Authority


  • Education Act, Sec. 52, 62, 212


The Board of Trustees expects that the Superintendent of Schools, as chief executive officer of the board and of the division, shall carry out duties as assigned by the board pursuant to the powers under Section 52 of the Education Act.   Therefore, the board delegates to the superintendent the authority to do any act or thing or exercise any power that the board may, or is required to do or exercise, except:

  • those matters which, in accordance with Section 52(4) of the Education Act cannot be delegated:
    • the power to make a bylaw under this Act;
    • the power to close a school or school building under Section 62;
    • the power to requisition from a municipality that the board may have from time to time; and
    • the power to hold a hearing under Section 212.