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B-100-BR: Board Governance


  • B-100
  • B-100-BP
  • Education Act, Section 53(1)(2)


  1. The superintendent is charged with the responsibility to implement board direction, and accordingly, to develop and implement plans and processes to meet the board’s expectations. 
  2. The board of trustees will, at its organizational meeting, set dates for the public board meetings for the school year.  The board preparation meetings will be held on the same day as the public board meetings and will cover any confidential personnel issues, any public board meeting preparation items, monthly expenditure listings, information items and correspondence. 
  3. Human Resources, tenders, FOIP related and other confidential items are best discussed at a board preparation meeting.  The resulting discussion must not materially advance a board position on a topic that will come forward to a regularly scheduled public board meeting.
  4. In lieu of any specific board committees, the board, as a whole, will meet regularly as a planning committee.  These meetings will be utilized by the board to work on projects and issues or plan for both the short and long term.
  5. The superintendent will work with the board to develop/maintain a Trustee Handbook that will outline the framework and details regarding how agendas are created and distributed.
  6. The board chair will act as chair of these committees.