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B-100-BP: Board Governance


  • B-100
  • B-100-BR
  • Education Act, Section 53(1)(2)

The board of trustees will set direction, communicate with stakeholders, and monitor through a variety of processes, such as:

  1. Direction-Setting
    1. Board policies, regulations and procedures;
    2. A division Three Year Education Plan;
    3. An annual division budget;
    4. Division mission and belief statements;
    5. Public board decisions;
    6. Collective agreements;
    7. Involvement in the hiring of senior division administration staff; and
    8. Provision of student programs.
  2. Communication with students, staff, parents, business and community members
    1. Public board meetings;
    2. Liaison meetings with ATA Local No. 73 and CUPE Local No. 1099;
    3. Policy development process;
    4. Stakeholder input meetings and workshops;
    5. Student advisory;
    6. Recognition of students and staff;
    7. School and community events;
    8. Committee of School Councils (COSC) meeting attendance; and
    9. Letters, phone calls, e-mails, and faxes.
  3. Monitoring Division and School performance and operations
    1. Division and school reports such as:
      1. Three Year Education Plan and Annual Education Results Report;
      2. budget;
      3. satisfaction surveys; and
      4. provincial achievement and diploma test results.
    2. Presentations by staff and other stakeholders at board meetings
    3. Quarterly financial reports
    4. Annual audited financial statements and report
    5. Stakeholder feedback
    6. Review monthly expenditure listing
    7. Approve the Capital Plans
  4. Appeal hearings and Expulsion hearings

  5. Superintendent Selection, Growth, Supervision and Evaluation

  6. Membership in Related Organizations and/or Committees
    1. Alberta School Boards’ Association (ASBA) membership;
    2. Public School Boards’ Association of Alberta (PSBAA) membership;
    3. Chamber of Commerce membership; and
    4. Membership in other organizations/committees where the Board determines the need for trustee representation.