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B-100: Board Governance


  • B-100-BR
  • B-100-BP
  • Education Act, Section 53(1)(2)

The board of trustees believes it is responsible for carrying out the government’s mandate for schooling as defined in the Education Act.  The board is committed to ensuring that the educational needs of students are met.

The board is committed to establishing and maintaining governance and organizational structures that promote student’s well-being and success and monitor and evaluate their effectiveness.

To achieve this mandate, the board believes its governance role is to set direction, communicate with stakeholders, and monitor division and school outcomes.  The board is committed to taking an active role in carrying out its governance responsibilities.  Also, the board is committed to involving students, staff, parents, and business and community members in determining division direction and providing feedback on division programs.

The board of trustees believes that, while to the greatest extent possible, its discussions should be conducted in public; there are instances when certain discussions are more appropriately held in private at a Board Preparation or a Planning Committee meeting.

All trustees shall be members of the Board Preparation Committee and Planning Committee.