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A-130-BP: Policy Development


  • A-130
  1. New board policy, regulations or procedures will be developed if:
    1. the quality of education in St. Albert Public Schools will be enhanced through a statement in which the board defines its beliefs, commitments and expectations on a specific topic.
    2. there is no legislation in place at the provincial level that already defines direction for the division on the topic, unless:
      1. a “duplication” statement is deemed to be in the best interests of the division; or
      2. a statement is needed to go beyond provincial direction on the topic in order to address local concerns and interests.
  2. School, division, parents/guardians and community members may suggest the need for development or review of board policy, regulations or procedures.
    1. Suggestions, along with supporting rationale, are to be forwarded to the board secretary, who will inform the board.
    2. When developing/considering a new policy, the board may:
      1. direct administration to develop and to bring a draft policy for board consideration; or
      2. work cooperatively with administration to write a new policy for eventual circulation to stakeholders.
  3. The board will review current policies, regulations and procedures on a cyclical basis to ensure that division needs are met.
  4. The following process will be used for the development of new or revised policy, regulations or procedures:
    1. Early in the school year, division administration will provide the board with a compiled list of policies to be considered for:
      1. full review and circulation;
      2. review, no change (do not circulate); or
      3. rescinding.
    2. The board will decide and inform division administration of the actions that are required for the current year’s policies.
    3. An annual policy review schedule will be prepared by division administration for the board.
    4. The timeline below will guide the policy review process.

1st Public Board meeting of Month 1

4th Week of

 Month 1

4th Week- Month 1 to 

2nd Week of 

Month 3

First Public Board meeting after stakeholder input. 

(6 weeks) 

OR First public board after additional stakeholder input (3 weeks)

First Public Board, after direction to prepare final draft.

Public Board

The board directs division administration to prepare first draft of the new or revised policy for stakeholder circulation. 

The board may decide to make changes to existing or recommended policies and regulations before stakeholder circulation.

Distribution to Stakeholders

The draft is distributed to stakeholders (Principals, School Councils, ATA, CUPE) who are invited to provide written input. 

Stakeholder Input

6 Weeks

Public Board 

Board discusses input received from stakeholders on the draft and provides direction to division administration to prepare final draft.

OR (additional 3 wks)

If the Board desires further input trustees may direct administration to circulate a second draft to stakeholders for a additional 3 week period. Subsequent to the 3 wk. circulation period policy returns to this step for board consideration and direction to administration.

Public Board 

Draft is recommended to the board for adoption