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G-140-AR: Smoking on Division Property


  • G-140, G-140-BR
  • City of St. Albert Smoking Bylaw 1/2004


Tobacco product means a product made in whole or in part of tobacco, including tobacco leaves. It includes papers, tubes and filters intended for use with that product, a device that is necessary for the use of that product and the parts that may be used with the device. 

Vaping product means: 

(a) a device that produces emissions in the form of an aerosol and is intended to be brought to the mouth for inhalation of the aerosol; 
(b) a device that is designated to be a vaping product by the regulations; 
(c) a part that may be used with those devices; and 
(d) a substance or mixture of substances, whether or not it contains nicotine, that is intended with those devices to produce emissions.


The following guidelines are applicable to all users of division facilities including students, employees and visitors. 

  1. Students may not use, or be in possession of tobacco or vaping products while in school, on the school premises, on school or division property, utilizing division provided transportation services, or during school related functions. 
  2. Tobacco or vaping product use by staff or visitors while in school, on the school premises, on school or division property, utilizing division-provided transportation services, in division-owned vehicles or during school related functions are not permitted. 
  3. With the prior approval of the principal or superintendent as applicable, tobacco use as part of Indigenous smudging or pipe ceremonies is permitted.
  4. User groups or volunteers in facilities of the division are to be notified and must comply with this regulation. 
  5. If a staff member fails to adhere to this regulation, the immediate supervisor will initiate the progressive discipline process as follows:
    1. The regulation will be reviewed and the employee shall be encouraged to comply. Information on smoking cessation programs will be communicated.
    2. If non-compliance continues, the staff member will be given a verbal warning on failure to adhere to the regulation. Information on smoking cessation programs will be communicated.
    3. If non-compliance continues following the verbal warning, the staff member is given a written letter of reprimand with a copy sent to the superintendent’s office and personnel file. Information on smoking cessation programs will be communicated.
    4. If a staff member exhibits continued non-compliance with this regulation, the matter will be referred to the superintendent or designate.
  6. If a student fails to adhere to this regulation, the principal will take appropriate disciplinary action in accordance the division’s Student Code of Conduct.  The principal is encouraged to implement progressive discipline with students who are in contravention of this regulation with an educational awareness and/or counseling component.
  7. Teachers are expected to engage with students about the health and social risks associated with smoking as per the provincial Health and Life Skills and Career and Life Management programs of studies.
  8. All candidates considered for employment with the St. Albert Public Schools will be informed of the Smoke-Free Policy prior to appointment.
  9. The superintendent or designate is responsible for advising all employees and other users of the smoke-free policy.
  10. Maintenance staff are responsible for ensuring that “No Smoking” signs are posted in all division facilities.
  11. Staff members are encouraged to seek assistance with smoking cessation through the division’s Employee and Family Assistance Program.