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G-130-BR: Campaigning at Division Sites


  • G-130, Campaigning at Division Sites

  1. Schools may organize all-candidate forums for educational purposes.
  2. Staff must remain neutral while teaching lessons and resist the opportunity to sway students towards a candidate in any elections.
  3. Campaign materials representative of all parties may be used as classroom teaching aids. Support for an individual candidate or political party through endorsement or by singling out of a candidate must beavoided.
  4. School space may be rented after school hours by a candidate or party on a commercial use basis, provided that any campaign materials posted and/or distributed at such a function are removed from school premises at the end of the function.
  5. Notices regarding school board elections may be posted as authorized by the Board of Trustees.
  6. A candidate is considered to be an individual who has officially filed their nomination papers or has stated an intention to run for political office.
  7. School events are not to be used as political platforms. Speakers should be chosen by relevance to the event and audience.