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D-200-BR: Occupational Health and Safety of Staff and Students


  • D-200; D-200-AR
  • A-150, Discrimination and Harassment
  • A-170, Whistle-Blower Protection
  • Education Act S. 53(1)(d)
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act; Occupational Health and Safety Regulation; Occupational Health and Safety Code
  • Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act; Environmental Protection and Enhancement (Miscellaneous) Regulations (AR 118/93)
  • Public Health Act

  1. The Superintendent of Schools shall ensure that division administration and staff comply with safety and health legislation by:
    1. establishing, recommending and maintaining safe working conditions and procedures;
    2. developing and implementing safety and accident prevention programs to meet or exceed compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Regulation, Code, and other related federal, provincial/local statutes and by-laws;
    3. providing employees instruction and training to encourage and promote safe work practices is supported by the division; 
    4. promoting proactive and preventative strategies as recommended through a Division Joint Work Site Health and Safety Committee (Division JWSHSC) that supports the due diligence required of all employees to ensure reasonable maintenance of health and safety within the workplace; and 
    5. providing support to retain employees at work and to return employees with disabilities to active employment in a safe and timely manner.