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D-170-BR: Employee Recognition Programs


  • D-170

  1. Long Service Recognition - An annual long service awards celebration will be held to recognize division staff. 
    1. Employees will be recognized as follows.
      1. Employees will receive one year of qualifying service (time spent actively working in and for the division) for each anniversary year they are with the division, whether in a part or full-time assignment.  This would include all years of active employment with the division.
      2. Individuals providing contracted, substitute or casual service will not qualify for this program.
      3. Employees who have served the division for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, or 50 years will be recognized.
      4. The cut-off date, when determining the number of years of service, is June 30th of the previous year.
      5. Employees must be employed by the division at the time of the awards or, in the case of 15 years of service or greater, in the first year subsequent to them having left the division.
    2. The Human Resources Department will maintain records and facilitate arrangements for this program.
    3. A committee of division staff and at least one trustee will plan the awards celebrations.
  2. Alberta School Boards Association Edwin Parr Award
    1. The board will present an award to the division's nominee for the Alberta School Boards Assocation Edwin Parr Award.
    2. The Human Resources Department is responsible for facilitating arrangements for a presentation ceremony.
  3. Certificate of Recognition - The board may recognize extraordinary performance of a division employee with a Certificate of Recognition.
    1. Nomination Process
      1. In committee, the board will consider any employees identified from time to time as worthy candidates of the Certificate of Recognition.
      2. Nominations may be made by trustees or any division employee.
      3. A written rationale will accompany the nomination made by those other than trustees.
    2. Eligibility Criteria
      1. Nominees will be division employees who, through extraordinary service to the division, are deserving of the Certificate of Recognition.
      2. Parameters of eligibility include the following.
        1. A division employee who makes an extraordinary contribution to the division.
        2. A division employee who attains an outstanding and unique achievement or develops a notable advancement in the field of education.