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D-130-AR: Professional Staff Reduction


  • D-130
  • D-130-BR
  • D-100-AR
  • D-610-AR

  1. The superintendent or designate shall identify, according to the criteria listed in board regulations D-130, Professional Staff Reduction, those teachers to be declared surplus.
  2. The superintendent or designate shall recommend to the board those contracts of employment which should be terminated.
  3. Upon application of the board regulations, and the recommendation of termination of a contract of employment, the superintendent, or designate, shall:
    1. review the recommendations with the principal(s):
      1. the basis for professional staff reduction; and
      2. the criteria and process used by division office administration in compiling a list of those contracts of employment that should be terminated.
    2. inform the teacher(s), in writing, of:
      1. the recommendation to terminate the contract of employment;
      2. the date, time, and location of the board hearing at which the board will consider the recommendation;
      3. his/her right to attend the meeting and make representation to the board; and
      4. his/her right to seek legal counsel.