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D-110-AR: Certificated Staff Placements and Transfers


  • D-110, Certificated Staff Placements and Transfers
  • Education Act: Section 212
  • B-150, Appeals
  • Certificated Staffing Procedures & Timelines


  1. Division and school administrators are to consider the following criteria in the placement, and/or transfer of certificated staff:
    1. student and program needs;
    2. experience, interest and training of staff members;
    3. requests for transfer from individual staff members; and
    4. other needs as determined by the division.
  2. The superintendent or designate will annually distribute to certificated staff the Certificated Staff Procedures and Timelines process. (Appendix 1)
  3. Each certificated staff member is to complete an annual electronic survey Certificated Staff Placement Review.
  4. Transfers of certificated staff under continuous contract with the board are to be addressed before assignments are finalized for new candidates.
  5. The  superintendent or designate will provide information, on an ongoing basis, to school administration and staff regarding available teaching positions.
  6. All certificated staff will be informed of their placement for the next school year by June 30, unless there are extenuating circumstances.
  7. School administrators are to inform all teachers under contract of their contract status and tentative assignment for the next school year as soon as feasible, but no later than June 30.
  8. A staff member wishing to appeal a transfer must:
    1. inform the superintendent or designate, in writing, within seven days of receiving a transfer directive indicating:
      1. concerns with the proposed transfer and a request to have a hearing before the board;
      2. perception of how the transfer meets, or does not meet, the transfer criteria; and
      3. preferred placement for the next school year.
    2. After receiving a transfer appeal letter, the superintendent or designate is to indicate to the affected staff member and administrator, in writing within 14 days, the procedure that will be followed in considering the appeal.