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C-610-AR: Generating Revenue


  • G-110
  • G-110-BR
  • G-110-AR
  • Charitable Fund-Raising Act: Chapter C-9 RSA 2000
  • Reciprocal (Joint Use) Agreement: Operating Guidelines
  • Charitable Fund-Raising Regulation AR 108/2000

  1. Provincial grant funds are allocated to meet the cost of educational programs for students. 
  2. Generating additional revenue can enhance educational services for students therefore schools and division services are authorized to participate in revenue generating projects that are:
    1. in support of the beliefs, mandate and mission of the division;
    2. in the best interests of students, and take into consideration the interests of staff and community;
    3. compatible with community values; and
    4. in compliance with local and provincial agreements and statutes. 
  3. The division and individual schools can generate additional revenue through fund-raising projects by offering community service programs for a fee or by applying for grants.
  4. The principal, or division administrator, is responsible for ensuring that:
    1. students, parents and community members are informed of the intended use of fund-raising projects and that funds raised are used for the intended purpose.  An alternate use should also be specified should the amount collected exceed what is required for the first intended purpose;
    2. student participation is voluntary, does not put students at risk, nor require door-to-door solicitations, telemarketing; revenue-generating activities do not detract from curricular programs;
    3. appropriate insurance coverage is provided for the revenue-generating activity; and
    4. school councils do not fund-raise.  By Ministerial order, school councils are prohibited from incorporating.  School council members can assist principals with revenue-generating activities.
  5. Parents/guardians or community groups raising funds to donate to the school retain all responsibility for financial accounting and reporting, and any attendant liability related to the activity.
  6. Group Administration of Funds
    1. Groups choosing to administer their funds independently are encouraged to register under the Societies Act of Alberta that has prescribed reporting requirements.  If a parent or community group intends to raise funds for the school through games of chance regulated by the Alberta Gaming Commission (bingos, raffles, casinos…), the group is required to incorporate under the Societies Act of Alberta for licensing purposes. 
    2. As per Alberta gaming regulations, schools should not be involved in games of chance.
    3. School and division administrators, or any other staff members, may not have signing authority or financial responsibility for the group’s account(s).
    4. Groups should avoid using the word “school” in their group name.
    5. Groups should work in consultation with the school principal to ensure fund-raising activities and the intended purposes for which the funds are raised align with the school’s goals and objectives.
  7. Administration of Funds Held in Trust
    1. The division can hold in trust and administer funds raised for the school or division by a society if requested to do so by the society.
    2. The funds must be entered into the division’s records and be accounted for separately.
  8. Administration of Donated Funds
    1. At the time funds are donated to the school or division, the funds must be entered into the division’s financial records and accounted for separately.
    2. If the funds are accepted for a specified purpose, the funds must be spent for that purpose.  When the funds are accepted, an alternate use should also be specified in the event that the amount accepted exceeds the amount required for the purchase of the first specified use.
  9. Grant Applications
    1. A school is not a legal entity and therefore cannot independently apply for a grant.  However, grant applications can be completed by school personnel or volunteers and must be appropriately authorized by both the school principal and the superintendent or designate.
    2. Any funds received are to be recorded at the division level and allocated to the applicable site(s).
    3. Grants may require financial summaries on an interim basis or upon completion.  All financial summaries must be authorized by both the school principal and the superintendent or designate.
  10. All materials and equipment purchased through fund-raising activities for schools or the division will be the property of the division.