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A-160-BR: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity


  • A-160
  • Education Act
  • Alberta’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

  1. Any language or behaviour that deliberately incites hatred, prejudice, discrimination or harassment towards student,  staff or families on the basis of their actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression will not be tolerated in person or online. Principals shall specifically include the prohibition of such language and behaviour in all Student Codes of Conduct. Allegations of homophobic or transphobic language, behaviour, or discrimination will be reported to the teacher or principal in the case of students. In the case of employees, allegations will be reported to the immediate supervisor or the superintendent.
  2. The principal shall designate at least one staff member to serve as a “safe contact” and will publicly advertise the availability of this person to support sexual and gender minority students and families.  
  3. When one or more students request the establishment of clubs or activities such as gay-straight alliances, gender and sexuality alliance or queer-straight alliances, school administration shall permit the establishment of the student(s) organization or the holding of the activity.  Students will have the right to call their club a gay-straight alliance (GSA) or a queer-straight alliance (QSA) or gender and sexuality alliance, after consulting with the principal. If no staff person is available or willing to serve as the club advisor, the principal will immediately contact the superintendent or designate who will then appoint someone.
  4. The superintendent, or designate, will assist schools to develop inclusive programming and professional development opportunities that respect the sexual and gender minority’s unique identity, families, culture and communities. Teachers will be encouraged through these regulations to help students understand the unique perspective and realities of the sexual and gender minorities.
  5. All students, regardless of their actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, shall be able to participate in physical education classes, athletic events, overnight trips, and extra-curricular activities in ways that are safe and consistent with their lived gender identity.
  6. All students, staff or families have the right to self-identify as part of the community regardless of age and ability.
  7. All students and staff shall, subject to safety and privacy considerations, have access to washroom and change room facilities that correspond with their lived gender identity.
  8. Every student or staff member has the right to be addressed in a manner that aligns with their gender expression and/or identity, regardless if that student has taken action to legally change their name. Respecting these wishes regarding their chosen name or pronoun are an important part of the student feeling heard, understood and supported by those around them. Student records will be changed when an independent student, parent or guardian requests a change in name and/or gender.
  9. In keeping with Alberta’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, all sexual and gender minority students, staff, and families have the right to confidentiality and privacy. This includes all student and employee records, forms, and processes.
  10. The division shall commit to ongoing, constructive and open dialogue with sexual and gender minority communities to increase cooperation and collaboration among home, school and community.
  11. The board, where possible, will commit to reviewing all student and employee documentation to ensure inclusive language is used.