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Paul Kane Redevelopment

One Last Look

Paul Kane High School holds so many great memories, and is such an important part of St. Albert's history. As we prepare to move into our new building, we are offering former staff and students One Last Look at the current building. Come and reminisce with your former classmates and colleagues!

Wednesday, November 23
5:30-8 pm
Paul Kane High School
Short presentation to take place at 6:30 pm.
Tours and light refreshments will be offered.

Join us for One Last Look!

We'll be hosting a grand opening of the new building in the spring. Watch this page or the Paul Kane website for details. 

Update: Summer 2022

We expect the new school to be completed and turned over to our school division by December 2022. It will take some time to complete the move, get the furniture, equipment and supplies in place, and get everything set up after the possession date. Our aim is to have students move to the new school after the December break so that they are settled in before January exams. This will require that we move everything over to the new school in December, and it will be a busy, loud and somewhat messy task. To minimize disruption to students as we do this, we have decided to move to online learning for the last week of school before December break. This will allow our Facilities team enough time and space to safely do what they need to do to ensure the new school is ready for students in January. We will confirm timing and details in November when we have a definite possession date.


Why do we need a new high school?

We've seen record-setting enrollment growth in St. Albert Public elementary schools over the last several years. Soon, these students will reach high school. A replacement 1,500-student Paul Kane High School will add about 300 much-needed student spaces to the division.


  • Shovels in the ground 2020
  • Doors open to students during the 2022-2023 school year
  • Demolition of existing building will follow in the summer of 2023

Future plans to accommodate high school enrollment growth

Our plan to make room in our high schools in the next few years includes:
 Step 1 icon    Step 2 icon    Step 3 icon
Build a new, expanded high school to replace Paul Kane   Build a third high school    Modernize and expand Bellerose Composite High

Why not renovate the existing building?

  • Paul Kane opened in 1973, and modernizing older buildings is often costly, with unpredictable issues. It is less expensive and quicker to build from scratch.
  • It's difficult and disruptive to teach and learn in a busy school under construction. And because our schools are so full, we don't have space to move students during renovations.
  • We are fortunate to have enough land beside the existing school where we can build a new one.

Features of the new school

  • a completely barrier-free, accessible design throughout the building and grounds
  • "green" features like:
    • LEED Silver certification
    • electric vehicle charging stations
    • efficient systems that use 43% less water and 40% less energy than the existing building
    • sustainable building materials
    • a built-in recycling centre
    • a student-initiated environmental learning program
    • solar panels that provide much of the energy for the building, and generate power that goes back into the local grid
    Paul Kane interior photos
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